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One of my pet peeves is whenever I see a new patient or talk to person I may run into out hunting or shopping and they say they tried a Chiropractor who ended up hurting them or didn't help them. Further conversation I usually find out far too often the Chiropractor had not taken a decent history or a thorough examination or even obtain X-rays to actually find the cause of their problem. I found out early on when working in a large clinic setting while I was in graduate school that being very detailed is the difference between having a successful practice or a mediocre one.  


As an outdoor enthusiast  I have always had to rely on accurate navigation in my activities. It makes the difference whether I hit a reef or miss a mountain. So when I evaluate whether I can help a patients condition or not, I perform multiple Orthopedic, Chiropractic and Neurological examinations. This requires the use of muscle testing, palpation, X-rays and sometimes MRI's. Using these details I can then determine the exact direction of misalignments of vertebrae. Not all Chiropractors have the technical skill to perform an adjustment. I have been able perform these specific adjustments for years successfully for which all of my patient referrals speak for themselves. 

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