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My wife Linda, who has been my Office Manager for years asked me to relay this message:“What makes me different from other doctors?”...

​​​​​​​​​When I first learned what a Doctor of Chiropractic did for people, I was guiding a group of my SCUBA diving students on a live-aboard dive charter in the Channel Islands in California. There was a woman who had to abort diving due to a severe headache. Another one of my students was a Chiropractor, who I watched do some unusual muscle testing and proclaim she had a misalignment in her neck. He also said that he could adjust her and she would probably be able to make the next days dive.
Having my Undergraduate Degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography, I skeptically watched him make the neck adjustment. I saw him re-test the muscle he used as an indicator test and, in some miraculous way, it was immediately strong again.
Within the hour her migraine headache was gone and she had already prep'd her camera gear for the night dive that evening! I was sold …what was this Chiropractic stuff? No drugs, no surgery, just hands-on and people get better?

During Chiropractic College at Life Chiropractic West I worked in a large clinical practice in the San Francisco Bay area where I was given hands-on personalized instruction from doctors that were very good clinically, who also took the time to set me straight as to what worked and what didn’t. The techniques that I learned gave the quickest and best scientific approach were Gonstead and Applied Kinesiology. Over the years since I have seen over 30,000 patients mostly via direct patient referrals who got results more quickly with my systems of thorough examinations and very specific adjustment techniques. 

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