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Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine is a new model of medicine that is neither “Conventional” nor “Alternative”. 

It is a combination of the BEST FOUNDATIONAL elements of 

Preventative Health Care!


These foundational elements include: 1) Chiropractic adjustments that get to the root cause of pain and improved nerve to organ function, 2) using the power of nutrition, which will correct imbalances and aid the body in healing itself, and 3) blood chemistry analysis can provide valuable information, as long as it is interpreted using Functional lab ranges. 


Conventional medicine uses the lab value ranges when reviewing test results that are often too broad. They are also geographically skewed meaning if you move to a different region you may or not have a previously diagnosed disease based on the original areas ranges. These ranges may allow doctors to identify active diseases, but it will not allow them to identify imbalances that often occur leading up to the disease process.  On the other hand, Functional Medicine approach uses tighter  “Optimal” ranges to identify changes in physiology to catch a dysfunction early so it can be corrected. 


Functional Nervous System:

Specific Chiropractic adjustments addresses the nervous and structural system.

Functional Chemistry:

Dietary foods and supplements strengthens your blood chemistry and organ functions.

Functional Mental State:

Having a strong belief system and mental attitude balances the equilateral triangle of HEALTH! For further exploration, here's a recommended link to Retracing Sequence Method.


Contact our office and Linda will send the appropriate forms to be completed once you have committed to beginning your steps to creating a healthier body:

  • System Assessment Form 

  • Medical History and Drug Form

  • Stress Assessment Form 

  • Toxicity Form


Afterwards an in-depth Comprehensive Blood Panel/Urinalysis test and/or Saliva test will be ordered. The results are scrutinized beyond just seeing if there is a disease present, but if all your organ systems are operating at peak performance. 

Our blood results are evaluated from an "OPTIMAL" perspective and not just a "In-Range" perspective. This is better visualized from the graphic below:




Next, an appointment is made either in person or by video conferencing to discuss your findings with treatment recommendations. Food plans, supplementation and exercise therapy will be specific to each patient. Scheduled follow-up meetings every 2 weeks will be made with Dr. Brittain for up to 15 minutes, where he will assess your improvements and answer any questions you may have.

​​​​​​​​​​After three to four months a re-examination will be arranged to compare all the initial assessment forms and abnormal blood tests. Future recommendations will be made to maintain your success. ​


For current pricing please call Linda Brittain as they change based on Lab testing fees. 

Yes, we can do most of all of the FM work via text and phone even if you live in a different state or country!


Call us for an appointment if you want to...

Make Your Body Great Again!

(208) 967-2208​​​​​​​​​

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